The Flamingos’ European Tour

The radio airplay response has been so tremendous overseas that it has sparked a European tour for The Flamingos.  The Diamond Anniversary Tour CD is selling in Italy, Germany, UK, Australia, Japan, just to name a few and the fans in these countries could not be more supportive.   Remembering the 2010 Japan shows, Terry said  he couldn’t believe how many young fans were carrying the album Flamingo’ Serenade for him to sign after the shows.  Terry also said,  “I love coming over here to see that the music is appreciated all over the world,  and I remember when we sang to them in Japanese, they started crying.  I was really surprised, but yet honored that they appreciated the many hours/days of rehearsal that it took to sing in their language.  Can’t wait to go back.”

Those of you who haven’t heard the Diamond Anniversary CD,  please click the link below to hear some audio samples. If you purchase the CD, a percentage of the proceeds go to the USO to support our troops and their families.