Terry Johnson speaks at “Save America’s Cinemas” in Miami Beach, FL

The “Save America’s Cinemas” organization invited many of the owners and representatives of privately owned cinemas around the country as well as some of the top endorsers from the film industry to talk about the goals of the organization and to gather support for their worthy cause. They also presented one of the cinema owners with a gift of new movie and sound equipment!

I’m sure you probably have some of these beautiful old theatres in your community that are true historical land marks and reminders of a simpler time, and I’m sure they would like to know about this organization. Use  www.saveamericascinemas.org to find more information on how the theatres can receive help and how you can contribute.

The Flamingos, known for beautiful love songs, worked many of the great theatres like The Apollo, The Brooklyn Paramount and The Brooklyn Fox to name a few, and these types of theatres exist all over the country. They contribute in many ways to their communities and provide a broader viewing selection and live stage shows that the multi-plex theatres do not.

Please pass this information along to your friends and community leaders.

Enjoy some of the photos from the event!

Walter Shaw

MC Jay Michaels, Terry, Walter T. Shaw (founder of Save America’s Cinemas) and Entertainer Frank Stallone

Frank Vincent

Actor Frank Vincent, Terry, and MC Jay Michaels

Debi Mazer

Actress Debi Mazer and Terry

Vincent Pastore

Actor Vincent Pastore and Terry

Terry Speaking 3

Terry speaking to the endorsers, films producers and cinema owners

Group Shot

The theme for the event was the movie

“The Wizard of Oz”

Some of the other endorsers pictured here are Actor Chuck Zito and Actress Katherine Narducci.