♦♦♦   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  –  “Mr. DeLuca stacked this show with two of the most respected groups of the  era: Charles Thomas’ Drifters and The Flamingos featuring  Terry Johnson. As always,  the names indicate that the groups feature at least one singer from their  heyday.

Mr. Johnson, who joined the Flamingos as singer and writer in 1956, is a  youthful 74 who looked like doo-wop royalty in his


♦♦♦   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  –  “The Skyliners had a tough act to follow coming after Terry  Johnson’s Flamingos, who had their own smash hit in 1959.  Johnson, two years older than Beaumont, at 70, is one smooth operator, with a  tenor that’s as creamy as it gets. It’s astounding that his vocal on the sublime  “I Only Have Eyes for You” could  sound so close to the way he sang it at 20. And you should have seen the  outrageous black-and-gold suits!

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